Towerwood Year 6 Residential

Every year I go with the Year 6 children on their residential.  It is a time when they face challenges and show the whole range of school values we work hard to develop in them as they journey through Hall Park.  We see resilience, courage, tolerance, kindness, hope and of course – respect.  This year was no exception – they were a joyous group to be with.

We could not visit Towerwood without a group of committed and enthusiastic adults and – along with me – Miss Brierley, Mrs Curl, Mrs Peet, Miss Singleton and Mr Taylor came to Towerwood and threw themselves into all the activities making it a super special time.  Thank you to the Hall Park team  – another exciting step in the Year 6 journey.

Here our just a few photographs to give you a taste of Towerwood – there are LOTS more on the Year 6 blog.

An Interview!

This afternoon I was interviewed by two of our Year 6 children. They were gathering information to include in the Lytham Hall Park leaflets we hand out at the Open Sessions later in the term. We do have an official leaflet to share with parents who are looking at schools for next year’s reception class but the leaflets the children produce are always so informative and share not our view, but the children’s view of their school. I think parents much prefer the children’s versions and I just love reading them. It is always interesting to see what the children include as the important facts and information about our school.

Thank you girls, your interview skills were excellent. I will share some quotes from your leaflets very soon in my blog.