Diversity in World Book Week 2017

This week is our World Book WEEK.  We use the full week to explore our love of reading and books.  Our theme for this year is ALIENS and in my values assembly today I shared a gorgeous story book which linked to both aliens and diversity.

Here is my assembly and it includes the story – can you see how this story links  with our value this half term?

8. Assembly 2017 – Spr 2 Diversity 2 aliens


Our children never cease to amaze me.  They are so committed to try hard and do their best.  They just love learning! A super example is the wonderful story I was given today by one of our Year 2 children.  She had listened very carefully to my values assembly and, in her own time, had written a story all about diversity inspired by the  ‘My Alien and Me’.  It was such an amazing story I am sharing it here for you all to enjoy.

A diversity story.  An Alien Not Anything Like Me.

One day I set off in my galactic spaceship and set off to space! However I landed on a strange planet and met an alien, he was quite funny to me but we were different.  I went to alien school with him.  They didn’t learn maths or English and they ate with their fingers not with a knife and fork, bad table manners I thought.  We went home but me and the alien had a fight.  I was about to leave but the alien said, “Wait,” loudly. “Let’s play please.”  “Okay,”  and we were the best of friends.  

Bye see you soon.

Bye best friend.