Peace Babies

Our value for this half term is exploring our thoughts on PEACE.  In assembly today we talked about peace babies and  I set the children a challenge

There are six PEACE babies and they all had a name – they still have the same names today.

Can you find out the names of the PEACE babies? Don’t forget the peace babies are now called Jelly Babies!

UPDATE: Thank you Jess for helping me and being the first to answer my assembly challenge – Well done 😃 Jess has found out all about the PEACE baby names…

In 1989 each of the six babies were given a name.
Pink Baby Bonny wears a nappy and frilly bonnet. She is always crawling into mischief!
Boofuls is green. He is soft-hearted and cries a lot, even when he is happy!
Bumper is orange, wears a bum-bag, and bumps into things!
Bubbles has her hair in a ponytail and is yellow.
Bigheart is purple and always puts his friends first.
Brilliant is the red leader of the gang.



School INSET Days

To start the autumn term break we had two fabulous INSET days in school on Thursday and Friday for all the teachers and teaching assistants. On the first day we found out about the Family Links approach.
This looks at practical strategies to develop emotional resilience, improving the social and emotional wellbeing of all our children. We will be introducing the ideas, including a type of circle time, over the next few weeks.
On the second day we found out all about the Art of Being Brilliant! This focused on discovering our strengths, learning to make the most of what we have and trying to be positive in everything we do – not just as teachers but as human beings!

Andy Cope – The Art of Being Brilliant

Both days were fascinating and we can’t wait to share with you some of the advice to help you to support your child’s and your own emotional health.


Our Children are Exploring Equality

We have tasked our School Council with a very important job – to contribute our pupils’ views and understanding to the work we are completing to achieve the Lancashire Equality Mark.  They are working together and have already  started to discuss how Hall Park shows equality.  They came up with a great summary…

Equal isn’t giving everyone the same, it is giving everyone what they need to thrive and feel part of our team.

You can see who are School Councillors are and the progress they are making exploring equality on the School Council Blog.

Well done School Council.

Diversity in World Book Week 2017

This week is our World Book WEEK.  We use the full week to explore our love of reading and books.  Our theme for this year is ALIENS and in my values assembly today I shared a gorgeous story book which linked to both aliens and diversity.

Here is my assembly and it includes the story – can you see how this story links  with our value this half term?

8. Assembly 2017 – Spr 2 Diversity 2 aliens


Our children never cease to amaze me.  They are so committed to try hard and do their best.  They just love learning! A super example is the wonderful story I was given today by one of our Year 2 children.  She had listened very carefully to my values assembly and, in her own time, had written a story all about diversity inspired by the  ‘My Alien and Me’.  It was such an amazing story I am sharing it here for you all to enjoy.

A diversity story.  An Alien Not Anything Like Me.

One day I set off in my galactic spaceship and set off to space! However I landed on a strange planet and met an alien, he was quite funny to me but we were different.  I went to alien school with him.  They didn’t learn maths or English and they ate with their fingers not with a knife and fork, bad table manners I thought.  We went home but me and the alien had a fight.  I was about to leave but the alien said, “Wait,” loudly. “Let’s play please.”  “Okay,”  and we were the best of friends.  

Bye see you soon.

Bye best friend.  

Boys, you made my day!

Sometimes you happen across something in school that makes you stop and feel proud. Today I had one of those moments. Each lunchtime we have an activity room.  Children can play games, colour and draw together, enjoying their free time.  However, today I saw two junior boys working enthusiastically at a tricky maths challenge.  When I asked why they confidently told me, “We started this in our lesson but we couldn’t do it … YET.  So we asked if we could keep trying and we think we’ve got it now.” 

I walked away thinking how wonderful our children are. They embrace a challenge and know that the best learners persist and keep trying.  

Happy New Year

The year promises to be as exciting as ever here at Hall Park. We are continuing to focus on Reading across school with the introduction of Accelerated Reader. You may notice that books now have a ZPD number which we are using instead of Book Bands. The children in Year 2 up to Year 6 are being introduced to the Accelerated Reader system and we will be holding an information session for parents on Monday 25th January at 6pm to explain what a ZPD is and how Accelerated Reader is helping your child with their book choices.


We are continuing to review Assessment with the introduction of the new National Curriculum and the revised year group expectations. The end of year expectations for each year group are now available on our website. You will find them in the All About Us section under Curriculum.

Another aspect of our work this year is returning to our school values. Last year we introduced the children to the five Rs for learning – resilience, responsibility, reflection, reasoning and resourcefulness. The children have embraced these and we are now considering our values for life which guide our thinking and behaviour. These also link to our curriculum work on British values. We always maintain a focus on RESPECT as our key value and last half term also explored DETERMINATION. This half term we will consider TOLERANCE.