School INSET Days

To start the autumn term break we had two fabulous INSET days in school on Thursday and Friday for all the teachers and teaching assistants. On the first day we found out about the Family Links approach.
This looks at practical strategies to develop emotional resilience, improving the social and emotional wellbeing of all our children. We will be introducing the ideas, including a type of circle time, over the next few weeks.
On the second day we found out all about the Art of Being Brilliant! This focused on discovering our strengths, learning to make the most of what we have and trying to be positive in everything we do – not just as teachers but as human beings!

Andy Cope – The Art of Being Brilliant

Both days were fascinating and we can’t wait to share with you some of the advice to help you to support your child’s and your own emotional health.


Boys, you made my day!

Sometimes you happen across something in school that makes you stop and feel proud. Today I had one of those moments. Each lunchtime we have an activity room.  Children can play games, colour and draw together, enjoying their free time.  However, today I saw two junior boys working enthusiastically at a tricky maths challenge.  When I asked why they confidently told me, “We started this in our lesson but we couldn’t do it … YET.  So we asked if we could keep trying and we think we’ve got it now.” 

I walked away thinking how wonderful our children are. They embrace a challenge and know that the best learners persist and keep trying.