What a lovely day!

I had such a lovely day in school today.  It started with a wonderful Key Stage 2 Celebration Assembly, with presenting Merit Awards, Respect Awards, and giving out well earned  times table and Accelerated Reader badges.   I even got to present Y4H with the Henry Award for the cleanest classroom. Amazing!

And then all day I had a stream of visitors for Headteacher’s Awards.  This week is clearly the week for talented writers, many of them inspired by Black History Month.

But what I also saw was writing inspired by reading.  The Year 1 children loved reading Not Now Bernard – and it inspired some wonderful writing.

I also saw writing that clearly reflects the books our children love reading.

We will always encourage our children to love reading, to read widely but also to find their favourite genres and authors.  At the heart of this excellent writing is a love of reading.

Well done Lytham Hall Park writers (and readers!)

Our Library Opening in the News

There have been some lovely articles published in the  news about our new library including this from Lancashire Life.


I also received a lovely email from Lancashire Library Services who helped us to design the library.


I’m so pleased the opening of your new school library was a success.

The article in the March edition of Lancashire Life magazine really promotes the school as a reading school. I’m sure the children are enjoying their new resource.

We are so impressed with the photograph of Frank Cottrell Boyce reading to the pupils in the library.  It highlights reading for pleasure perfectly!


They certainly are enjoying the library – and just look at our Year 2 children (and Miss Bibby) in the library on World Book Day.

When I look at these photographs I feel so proud of our team.  We have worked hard to never lose sight of reading for pleasure.

Diversity in World Book Week 2017

This week is our World Book WEEK.  We use the full week to explore our love of reading and books.  Our theme for this year is ALIENS and in my values assembly today I shared a gorgeous story book which linked to both aliens and diversity.

Here is my assembly and it includes the story – can you see how this story links  with our value this half term?

8. Assembly 2017 – Spr 2 Diversity 2 aliens


Our children never cease to amaze me.  They are so committed to try hard and do their best.  They just love learning! A super example is the wonderful story I was given today by one of our Year 2 children.  She had listened very carefully to my values assembly and, in her own time, had written a story all about diversity inspired by the  ‘My Alien and Me’.  It was such an amazing story I am sharing it here for you all to enjoy.

A diversity story.  An Alien Not Anything Like Me.

One day I set off in my galactic spaceship and set off to space! However I landed on a strange planet and met an alien, he was quite funny to me but we were different.  I went to alien school with him.  They didn’t learn maths or English and they ate with their fingers not with a knife and fork, bad table manners I thought.  We went home but me and the alien had a fight.  I was about to leave but the alien said, “Wait,” loudly. “Let’s play please.”  “Okay,”  and we were the best of friends.  

Bye see you soon.

Bye best friend.  

The Official Opening of the School Library


A huge THANK YOU to everyone who was involved in the opening of our new library last week.  Some days are truly special – and our library opening was one of those days. The PTFA and Plackitt and Booth booksellers were instrumental in the organisation of the day. The children enjoyed a fabulous day working with authors and actors and I know that it will further develop their love of reading and writing.

The visiting authors gave us some fabulous feedback about our school and our children, one of our favourites was Frank Cotterel Boyce telling us we had “lovely ‘polite and lively’ children” The visitors even took the time to contact Plackitt and Booth to say how much they enjoyed the event. The Macmillan representative Andy said: “Wonderful school, lovely engaging teachers, honestly one of the best I’ve been to.” and Lizz from Bloomsbury said: “It was a fabulous day and Mark Powers and I had a brilliant time. It was great to see a whole school so committed to reading.” Such wonderful remarks – we are so proud of all our children.

The cake competition and sale that took place on Wednesday raised a total of £293, which will go towards buying resources for the library. Thank you to everyone who baked or bought—please collect your tins and containers from the school office. We also asked our children to guess what the artist was painting in the school library and to draw their own design. We would like to say thank you to all the children who took part. There were some imaginative and very creative entries. However, the winning entry was designed by Sophie in Foundation Stage – congratulations!

We have asked if the books sold on the day can be added to Accelerated Reader for quizzing. Sadly, we as a school don’t do this, Accelerated Reader design the quizzes and add them. We can request books, and Miss Duncan has already done this, but in our experience this can take some time and these books were ‘hot off the press’ especially for our opening.

I know lots of our children are now big fans of the authors that visited and I found this article, written by Frank Cotterell Boyce fascinating, I think the children will too…


Dan Worsley visit to Key Stage 2

This morning we were delighted to welcome, local author, Dan Worsley into our assembly. It was fascinating to hear about his writing journey, from gathering his ideas, writing, editing, illustrating and publishing his books…a process that takes him months. We heard about his books and met his new character, Eric Appleby. We look forward to working with Dan throughout this year.


Here Be Monsters

Year Five are reading a novel called Here Be Monsters by Alan Snow.


Miss Fraser really has a knack for finding interesting reads for our children. They often challenge them in terms of plot structure and depth of comprehension, however they never fail to engage!

The book is filled with Boxtrolls who are shy creatures, but they are always happy to lend a helping hand – and young Arthur is just in need of one right now… With weird and wonderful characters, an enchanting storyline and Alan Snow’s own quirky and funny black-and-white illustrations, this is a book that combines the magic of J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books with the zest of a Roald Dahl classic. It has even been made onto a film, The Boxtrolls, soon to be released on DVD.

I had a fabulous lesson with the class who, without looking at illustrations from the book or stills from the film, drew the following images of the characters using only the clues in the text and their imaginations. I actually prefer Year Five’s ideas to those in the film.

Want to read more? Visit www.here-be-monsters.com