Diversity in World Book Week 2017

This week is our World Book WEEK.  We use the full week to explore our love of reading and books.  Our theme for this year is ALIENS and in my values assembly today I shared a gorgeous story book which linked to both aliens and diversity.

Here is my assembly and it includes the story – can you see how this story links  with our value this half term?

8. Assembly 2017 – Spr 2 Diversity 2 aliens


Our children never cease to amaze me.  They are so committed to try hard and do their best.  They just love learning! A super example is the wonderful story I was given today by one of our Year 2 children.  She had listened very carefully to my values assembly and, in her own time, had written a story all about diversity inspired by the  ‘My Alien and Me’.  It was such an amazing story I am sharing it here for you all to enjoy.

A diversity story.  An Alien Not Anything Like Me.

One day I set off in my galactic spaceship and set off to space! However I landed on a strange planet and met an alien, he was quite funny to me but we were different.  I went to alien school with him.  They didn’t learn maths or English and they ate with their fingers not with a knife and fork, bad table manners I thought.  We went home but me and the alien had a fight.  I was about to leave but the alien said, “Wait,” loudly. “Let’s play please.”  “Okay,”  and we were the best of friends.  

Bye see you soon.

Bye best friend.  


We have all been working very hard this summer to have the classrooms ready for the start of the new school year.   The walls, windows and washing lines are filled with colourful learning prompts.


Our working walls are ready, the role play areas are looking very exciting,

imageand the displays are just waiting for excellent work to share and celebrate our achievements.


Now all we need is our fabulous children and we can’t wait until they arrive – see you all soon Hall Park!

Mathematician Update

Well, I promised to visit the year 6 mathematicians and I was not disappointed by their learning. They were working together in groups and organising their work independently, presenting their findings in various ways including graph work. They were so excited to share their findings with me and I don’t think they realise how impressive their learning is. I was amazed and I am a very proud headteacher I must say.

A small selection of the work Year 6 completed investigating circles.

Our Christmas Fair 2013

Friday was our Christmas fair but with a slight twist this year as it was organised by our parents. The extension to school offered us more space for games and this year the KS1 hall was used to sell a selection of food and drinks, from samosas to hotdogs to cakes and warm waffles. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Hall Park event without a nice cup of tea served by Ann Marie from her school kitchen.

I was amazed by the range of activities at this event. There was face painting, balloon modelling, a nail bar, a toy shop and of course, a real favourite at Hall Park, the bottle-bolla. Our new music room had been transformed into a stunning grotto.


Isn’t it beautiful. A perfect home for Santa to meet our lucky children. Of course, I couldn’t resist popping in to say hello. I hope we see Santa again soon … We do have our Christmas parties next week…

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to our hard working helpers. With the move into the new parts of the building this term we would have found organising this event impossible without your drive and hard work. The children loved every minute.



Decorating the Tree

Thank you Year 6 for commenting on my blog. I am always so excited when a comment arrives. I think you know the answer to most of your questions by now as yesterday I helped to decorate the tree. Actually the talented decorators were our reception children helped by our Year 3 and 4 School Councillors. They each chose a bauble and placed it on our tree with clear care, consideration and concentration. The gingerbread decorations are Hall Park made by our cookery club. We all commented on how delicious they smelt and mixed with the pine of the tree it was just so festive! I think the children did a super job of decorating the tree. It looks beautiful.


Today what seemed like an army of teachers and teaching assistants arrived and transformed the front entrance ready for a Christmassy welcome as our productions begin next week. I know you will agree they did a wonderful job.


I even had time to put up a little Christmas tree in my room. Do you like it?


Christmas Gift Service

A tradition at Hall Park is the annual Christmas Gift Service, the start of our Christmas festivities. We have a long history of working with the Salvation Army and at Christmas our families bring in a Christmas gift for children in our community who deserve a special treat. Major Sandra led the service this year, she welcomed all the children into the service and shared a story with them about a Christmas Cracker. We all enjoyed the story and it helped us to think about how we can be kind and think of others at Christmas time.
Major Sandra
Major Sandra then received the gifts from each year group and our nursery children. Each year group came in turn to present their gifts as we all sang our Christmas song repertoire with excitement and enthusiasm. There were so many gifts our Year 6 leaders helped Major Sandra to collect them all safely on the display tables.
It was truly overwhelming to see the generosity of our families. The gifts we send are so important to the children who receive them and once again the community of Hall Park has amazed me. Together we can ensure our children recognise that they can make our community a better place to be through these acts of kindness, helping to make someone’s Christmas day special. Just look at the lovely messages our children wrote on the gifts.

Thank you mums and dads, we know that without your support this lovely event would not be possible. You are all truly special.

Lytham Hall Park School Council

Just like the children at Hall Park I learn something new everyday too!  Today’s new learning is posting sound files to my blog.  As we develop our children as independent learners we emphasise the need for perseverance, even when things are tricky.  I too have persevered and I am hoping I can now post a sound file.
At our recent Open Day sessions, we invited prospective families to visit Hall Park, our children wrote short presentations to share in their own words what is special about Hall Park, and this is what our School Council representatives said.

Year 3 Poetry

Do you remember the excellent Magic Box poetry work I shared earlier in my blog? I had been in Year 3 just as the work began as the children played with language, particularly adjectives and alliteration, to create sensory phrases for their poems. I thought you might like to know how the unit of work progressed.

Two children came for Headteacher’s Awards and here are a few of my favourite lines from their completed poems.

‘I will put in my magic box
The shimmer of a shooting star
The swish of a winter’s breeze,
The glow of the night sky.’

‘I shall dive in my box
From the deep sapphire ocean
Then land on a sunny beach
The colour of the summer sun.’

And now the work is displayed for everyone to read and enjoy.


Anti-Bullying Week

This week is Anti-Bullying week in school.  I know the teachers will share on their blogs the work we are completing in classes so remember my assembly children …


Make each day a happy day enjoying being kind and caring.


meet my challenge and try to make someone’s day today, and always remember to