Prepare to be Impressed

I received a call from Miss Ainsworth whose voice was full of excitement, “Mrs Bowker, if you have a minute please can you come to year 6, they would love to share their work with you.  You will be so impressed!” 

Now I know Miss Ainsworth loves teaching maths, and when I arrived the children told me how they had started an investigation and how their learning had started to take on a life of its own. That’s why Miss Ainsworth was so excited. The children had started setting their own challenges, “Miss Ainsworth can we present our answer in a scatter graph?”, “Can we use a pie chart? We know it will be tricky but we think we can do it!”, “Miss Ainsworth, we started once but can we start again? The tally recording you taught us would make this much easier?” 

Wow! Off they flew, applying their learning, solving real life maths, loving learning that is challenging! 

Here is their work.  No wonder Miss Ainsworth was excited (and very proud!)

Finding Out About Tens and Ones

We were delighted that so many parents chose to attend our Calculations Policy Evening. The purpose of the meeting was to introduce to parents the stages we teach our children to help them move towards formal written methods in addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. We use Base 10 practical resources and move through the stages towards more efficient methods.

Mrs Tomlinson and Miss Ainsworth are our maths subject leaders and organised the evening. We had excellent feedback from those who attended who enjoyed the practical and informative approach.

The stages are printed in your child’s new and improved reading records along with other key curriculum advice to help you support your child’s learning at home.