What a lovely day!

I had such a lovely day in school today.  It started with a wonderful Key Stage 2 Celebration Assembly, with presenting Merit Awards, Respect Awards, and giving out well earned  times table and Accelerated Reader badges.   I even got to present Y4H with the Henry Award for the cleanest classroom. Amazing!

And then all day I had a stream of visitors for Headteacher’s Awards.  This week is clearly the week for talented writers, many of them inspired by Black History Month.

But what I also saw was writing inspired by reading.  The Year 1 children loved reading Not Now Bernard – and it inspired some wonderful writing.

I also saw writing that clearly reflects the books our children love reading.

We will always encourage our children to love reading, to read widely but also to find their favourite genres and authors.  At the heart of this excellent writing is a love of reading.

Well done Lytham Hall Park writers (and readers!)

Go Bananas in Year 2

The Year 2 children have been utterly inspired with the connector this term.  They have loved learning facts about the Caribbean and the steel drum workshop day was a wonderful celebration event to share our learning with our grown ups.

It was impossible not to be filled with joy and dancing as the children performed.

Just look at the fabulous writing the Connector has inspired.  Well done Year 2 – you deserve your success and the pride you had in sharing your writing with me truly made me happy.  (click on the images to enlarge) 

Headteacher’s Award

Year 2 are becoming amazing scientists and bug experts.  They have also been working hard to improve their observational drawing.  This Headteacher’s Award illustrates how much they are learning.  I do love this time of year as the progress we see in children’s work is incredible. Another well deserved Headteacher’s Award.



Super Sentences

Today I have been visited by two fabulous Year 2 writers.  They really impressed me with these super descriptive sentences – what do you think?

“As I walked along the wet, sloppy and sandy beach something that looked like a rusty piece of metal but when I got closer I saw a bottle.”

“It felt hot and bumpy at the top but at the bottom it was smooth.”



Headteacher’s Awards Galore

I have hardly been able to keep up with Headteacher’s Awards recently, which is fabulous! There are so many wonderful learners at Hall Park. Here are some examples of maths and English. Look carefully and you will see our improvement marking.  The children use their purple pens to make their work even better.  I always tell them the purple pen makes me happy as it shows me they are learning and challenging themselves every day! You can also see the Year Two children supporting their calculations by using tens and ones. 



 I also wanted to share this wonderful penguin drawing which quite simply made me smile

EYFS Do Love a Challenge

From the moment our children start school they love learning and this year, with our new learning environment, we have been encouraging even our youngest learners to persist and set their own learning challenges.  

Miss Newton sent this little learner to me for a well earned Head Teacher’s Award as she had not just made a simple snake, she had made a suberb snake by improving and adding to it every day across the week.  

She started by cutting out the snake, she then painted it and once it had dried added embellishments and a super, snake like face! I am so proud that this little learner is already aiming high and takes great pride in her fabulous achievements. 

I have also added a little photo of a couple smiley visitors  who came to share some fabulous reading with their Elmer sheets. They had clearly been in the Rumble in the Jungle role play area!  Aren’t they wonderful?