Welcome to our new Lytham Learners!

Our new EYFS children have had such a lovely, settled start to their school careers.  There are more photographs on the EYFS class blogs but here are a few I just couldn’t resist sharing with you.

IMG_0277We made some changes to our induction this year.  It will be interesting to hear if our families have found the changes as positive as we have.

EYFS Do Love a Challenge

From the moment our children start school they love learning and this year, with our new learning environment, we have been encouraging even our youngest learners to persist and set their own learning challenges.  

Miss Newton sent this little learner to me for a well earned Head Teacher’s Award as she had not just made a simple snake, she had made a suberb snake by improving and adding to it every day across the week.  

She started by cutting out the snake, she then painted it and once it had dried added embellishments and a super, snake like face! I am so proud that this little learner is already aiming high and takes great pride in her fabulous achievements. 

I have also added a little photo of a couple smiley visitors  who came to share some fabulous reading with their Elmer sheets. They had clearly been in the Rumble in the Jungle role play area!  Aren’t they wonderful? 

Number Detective

Have you been reading the Foundation Stage blogs? Well lots of mummies and daddies have and are using the information shared by the teachers to help their child learn at home and also have lots of fun.

A little visitor came to show me her homework. She told me all about her hunt for numbers. A well deserved Head Teacher’s Award and we even decided Daddy deserved a sticker too. I hope it reached you safely.