Summer Changes

You may have already heard about all the exciting changes which have happened in our school grounds and to our school building. In my first assembly of the year I asked the children if they had spotted any of the changes and they proved they are super observant and hadn’t missed a thing. It was lovely to hear how they loved each element, even the fact that Year 2 now have two lockers. It truly makes our hard work over the summer worthwhile.

This year most of the work has been in Year 1 and EYFS with the classrooms being remodelled and refurbished, creating a light, bright learning environment in our beautiful school colours with state of art interactive projectors just like those in the new KS2 classrooms.

The whole team has worked hard to prepare the classrooms for our children but they aren’t finished yet. One class needs ceiling tiles (they are very special and have been slightly delayed) and the new classroom furniture is currently zipping its way to us.

Miss Benson and Miss Newton are incredibly excited and just cannot wait to see our new starters enjoying and exploring the EYFS classroom on their first morning in school tomorrow. And I am too.



Now it’s time for the classrooms to be made Hall Park beautiful!