Can you help me to decide our most important school values?

Every Monday in my assembly we think hard about our school values and how important they are in guiding our behaviour and our choices everyday.  Now I want you to help me to decide what are the most important values that keep our school a happy, safe and peaceful place.

I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas. Can you help me decide which values are the most important here at Hall Park?

You can also add your ideas to the Values Babies Form too which is at the top of my blog.

Thank you Hall Park!

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Year 3 Mathematicians

Mrs Tyson, our school business manager, visited Year 3 and asked for their help.  She has to do a tricky order fro key stage 2 and make sure we have enough resources for all the children in each class.  These two lovely learners have the answer to her problem and they explained it to her so well that she could finish the order before lunch.  Phew!  Thanks Year 3 – what would we do without you. ☺

Headteacher’s Award in Mathematics

I loved seeing these excellent examples of learning in mathematics today when the children came for well deserved Headteacher Awards.

We work really hard to ensure our children develop their own ‘jottings’ to support their thinking in mathematics.  We ensure that the children master concepts in mathematics before progressing on to more formal written methods.  You can fund our Calculations Policy in your child’s planner/reading record.

What an Exciting Assembly!

This Monday we have had a special visitor and we were presented with TWO very special awards.

Mr Dayman, from Meningitis Now, came to collect a rather large cheque from our junior leaders.  This was the money we raised during our Harvest collections for the Edward Dee Forever Fund.  Mr Dayman was most impressed and told us all about the work of the charity we are supporting this year.

Then Mrs Tomlinson told us we had received an Environmental School Award from North West in Bloom and we were one of only four schools to be awarded this status.  The judges were particularly impressed with the allotment and the Forest School.    Follow this link to see more about the award.


And then Miss Kirkham presented us with our Gold Award Plaque for the Sainsbury’s School Games Mark.  This  is a Government led awards scheme to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community. Schools in England are able to assess themselves across bronze, silver and gold levels of the Mark.

Following an application from us over the summer in 2017, we are pleased to announce that we have been awarded the Sainsbury’s School Games GOLD Mark, for the second year running. This award reflects many things to do with our PE provision in school, including:

  • The quantity of high-quality PE lessons our children receive each week;
  • The amount of children participating in extra-curricular sporting activity each week;
  • The support we provide for our talented young sports people and less active children;
  • The number of competitive events we take part in each year.

By receiving the Gold award, it really does put us among the top schools in the country for the opportunities we provide in PE. We are very proud of this award and hope it can be used as a springboard to develop our PE teaching even more!

Look who got to meet PUDSEY!

Even Pudsey could not resist the purple sofa! 

The purple sofa is one of my little visitors’ favourite places to relax.  Pudsey has had a tiring few days preparing for Children in Need today and so I wasn’t surprised when I found him in my room, taking advantage of a few minutes peace.

Thank you Pudsey, Graham and Gilly for visiting us today.  We loved every minute.


Year 2 are off to the Tower

As part of their ‘ILLUMINATE’ connector the Year 2 classes set off to Blackpool Tower. They didn’t have the best weather but the didn’t let this dampen their excitement.  From the moment they arrived in school they were so full of smiles and fun, and when they saw they had a double-decker coach I thought they might just pop!

Children teach us all how to be brilliant and to see the best in everything.  Not one of them complained about the grey drizzly weather but everyone of them skipped onto the coach filling it with laughter and joy.

UPDATE: all the children came back safe and sound.  They LOVED the visit to the Tower and are inspired to use all they have learnt in their learning back in school.  A huge thank you to all our parent and family helpers.  It made a tremendous difference having so many adults to support the visit.


Peace Babies

Our value for this half term is exploring our thoughts on PEACE.  In assembly today we talked about peace babies and  I set the children a challenge

There are six PEACE babies and they all had a name – they still have the same names today.

Can you find out the names of the PEACE babies? Don’t forget the peace babies are now called Jelly Babies!

UPDATE: Thank you Jess for helping me and being the first to answer my assembly challenge – Well done 😃 Jess has found out all about the PEACE baby names…

In 1989 each of the six babies were given a name.
Pink Baby Bonny wears a nappy and frilly bonnet. She is always crawling into mischief!
Boofuls is green. He is soft-hearted and cries a lot, even when he is happy!
Bumper is orange, wears a bum-bag, and bumps into things!
Bubbles has her hair in a ponytail and is yellow.
Bigheart is purple and always puts his friends first.
Brilliant is the red leader of the gang.



School INSET Days

To start the autumn term break we had two fabulous INSET days in school on Thursday and Friday for all the teachers and teaching assistants. On the first day we found out about the Family Links approach.
This looks at practical strategies to develop emotional resilience, improving the social and emotional wellbeing of all our children. We will be introducing the ideas, including a type of circle time, over the next few weeks.
On the second day we found out all about the Art of Being Brilliant! This focused on discovering our strengths, learning to make the most of what we have and trying to be positive in everything we do – not just as teachers but as human beings!

Andy Cope – The Art of Being Brilliant

Both days were fascinating and we can’t wait to share with you some of the advice to help you to support your child’s and your own emotional health.