Year 2 are off to the Tower

As part of their ‘ILLUMINATE’ connector the Year 2 classes set off to Blackpool Tower. They didn’t have the best weather but the didn’t let this dampen their excitement.  From the moment they arrived in school they were so full of smiles and fun, and when they saw they had a double-decker coach I thought they might just pop!

Children teach us all how to be brilliant and to see the best in everything.  Not one of them complained about the grey drizzly weather but everyone of them skipped onto the coach filling it with laughter and joy.

UPDATE: all the children came back safe and sound.  They LOVED the visit to the Tower and are inspired to use all they have learnt in their learning back in school.  A huge thank you to all our parent and family helpers.  It made a tremendous difference having so many adults to support the visit.


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