generosity, tolerance, self-belief, respect, resilience and equality

Generosity is kind and she will lend a hand to anyone who needs it
Tolerance always listens to others and he appreciates their opinions
Self-belief is confident and she likes herself for who she is
Respect is proud of his friend’s achievements and is always there to give them a pat on the back
Resilience always rises up to a challenge and if he doesn’t get it right first time he will try and try again
Equality is a great friend and makes sure nobody is treated differently because of how they look or behave

By Hannah 4H

Can you help me to decide our most important school values?

Every Monday in my assembly we think hard about our school values and how important they are in guiding our behaviour and our choices everyday.  Now I want you to help me to decide what are the most important values that keep our school a happy, safe and peaceful place.

I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas. Can you help me decide which values are the most important here at Hall Park?

You can also add your ideas to the Values Babies Form too which is at the top of my blog.

Thank you Hall Park!



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Kindness, Peace, Respect and Resilience

  • I have chosen 4 of these value babies because I think that these are most important. The first one is Kindness. He is kind to every one around him, when ever someone is in need he will be happy to help. The next one is Peace, she makes the school peaceful and happy and she never makes an argument to any one. After her is respect, he always respects everyone, especially the teachers. The last one is Resilience. when ever there is something hard and tricky in his way, he never gives up and he tries his best. By Lara.

Our First Ever AR Multi Millionaire

Sometimes even I am amazed by the tenacity our children show in setting themselves a huge goal and then meeting it!

This lovely Hall Parker set himself a challenge of reading 10 million words.  We thought it would keep him busy reading until at least Year 6, but he has surprised us all in reading 10 million words in Accelerated Reader this term, and he is only in Year 5!

We have only had AR in school for just two years and so this is a fabulous achievement.


I am so proud of him and his mum tells me that, even though he has achieved his goal, he continues to love reading and is as committed to his reading as ever.  We could not ask any more than this!